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OM de-bagger

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Our OM De-bagger is designed to empty any type of powder-containing bags.

With its top-mounted sanitising ring (on 3 surfaces), our equipment protects the operator from the dust in the air.

This equipment is also available in an ATEX version depending on the standards in force.





Atex Option

Atex Option

Our equipment is built in accordance with the current ATEX standard.

The equipment is certified by an inspection authority

OM de-bagger

Dump station option

This option removes the empty bags. The waste is collected in a leak-proof bag

Optional: bag compactor on request

Optional built-in dust exhauster

Optional built-in dust exhauster

A dust exhauster is fitted onto the top of the De-bagger. It consists of Filtration Group® filter cartridges, combined with a compressed air unclogging system.

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