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Industrial group LabElysées

Industrial group LabElysées

Located in the heart of Beaujolais in the Rhône-Alpes region, LabElysées is a group of seven industrial companies and equipment suppliers of services to all sectors of the industry.
LabElysées employs 400 people and produces approximately 60 million euros in sales.

Unity is strength!

LabElysées includes several expertise and through our alliance, the client has more than one partner for the realization of a complex including several in the following specialties:

  • AMDI (Plastics, injection)
  • Romaire (Industrial sheet metalwork and painting)
  • SERVICA (electrical wiring, moulding)
  • PASQUIER FAVRE (Boilers, maintenance)
  • PRODIMECA (Welding, containers)
  • SOTRADEL-GS (Transport Logistics, transportation)
  • RENT A CAR (Car rental).

Renowned customers and satisfied!

The combination of our capabilities, combined with the proximity of our business allows LabElysées offer efficiency and responsiveness with a comprehensive solution integrating our various trades.

Our units are certified to ISO 9000 or ISO 9001 v2008, ISO 15085 and UL CL2-ZPFW2.

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